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Online Course

Are you managing an event?

We are focused on creating beautiful online and hybrid solutions for events, webinars, eLearning, and marketing.

eLearning &


eLearning is changing the way we approach Education, but this comes with significant challenges.


Often times multiple vendors are required for design, production, streaming, analytics, hosting.

Who wants to manage multiple vendors just to find limitations and compatibility issues?

That's why we make it simple for you. We work with you and your team to create a custom solution, perfectly suited to your needs.

Reclaim your time and money. Simplify the process and enjoy an easier way to do eLearning.

• Content Creation & Production

• Streaming & Video on Demand

• Advanced In-Depth Analytics

• Continuing Education Credits

• Track Live & VOD ​Engagement

• Registration & Attendance

• Custom Branding & Designs

• Multiple Languages - Visuals & Audio

Online & Hybrid

Meetings & Events

Event Managers, Production Companies, and Organizations like online and hybrid event options, but there are challenges to consider.

Unreliable internet or poorly designed network can bring a show to a halt without notice. We have all seen venue internet drop suddenly.

When you have a reliable connection along with upgraded production value, your confidence soar and everyone involved will love the experience.

You can reclaim your time and energy and focus it on other aspects of the event that need attention.

We are a team of IT and AV Production Professionals that help you produce better hybrid and online meeting and events.

• Platform Agnostic, Flexible Solutions

• Custom Layouts, Graphics, Animations

• Single, Multiple, or Many Cameras On-Air

• PowerPoint with One or Many Cameras

• Playback Pre-Recorded Videos on Cue

• AV Production and IT Support Team

 • Simultaneous Interpretation Available

• Up to 1080p from Presenter to Audience

Sales &


You want every advantage possible when creating and delivering Marketing Content.

Stand out from the crowd with high quality audio/video, impressive graphics, and custom animations.

We help you by providing technical and production support, design, delivery, consulting, and copywriting.


You will love how easy it is to make an impact and feature your products and services that set you apart from the competition.

• Captivating Visuals

• Custom Branding & Layouts

• Upgraded Presentation Options

• Technical Support from Start to Finish

• Professional Copywriting & Design

• Lead Capture & Realtime Analytics

• Ability to Livestream & Record

• Show Pre-Recorded Videos

• Integrate PowerPoint, Slido, and more

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We use Upstream Productions to make the best impression possible. Current and prospective clients love the graphics and clear communication. Our advisors love the support and find it easy to close deals and provide clients with better information.

Jeff N.   |  Partner

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Look how easy it is to create content for sales and education. Keeping our Branding on point is easy because Upstream Productions is able to provide everything under one roof!

Thomas B.   |  CEO

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Image and Branding is very important to us. That is why we trust Upstream Productions to provide a platform that perfectly represents our mission.

Brooke D.   |  Event Planner

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